Mooij Solutions was founded in 2021. Since 1984 I have been working in the national and international agricultural storage sector. Besides the storage process of many agricultural products, I have been able to apply my knowledge more widely in the chain.

Core competencies are:

  • storage building/construction
  • loading technology
  • storage
  • logistics
  • climate control
  • sorting technology and packaging

Through my global activities I have been able to get to know many different cultures and values.

Since starting in 2021, I have decided to use my consulting business to share the knowledge and experience I have gained more widely, both nationally and internationally. As a consultant, I am happy to assist companies with advice on the entire storage chain.

If you are interested in independent advice in this area, I would be happy to think and look with you to come to a sound, appropriate (storage) solution.

Maarten Mooij